Project Description

Results for last week are below:

Washington DC…… 8
San Antonio ………. 2

The correct answer is Washington DC.

And our winner this week is: Dr. Colleen Connor. Congratulations, Colleen!

Three readers with correct responses additionally sent location details: Dumbarton Bridge or Q Avenue Bridge, which was originally built in 1914-1915 over Rock Creek. In addition to being beautiful in its curved design, this bridge is also known for two additional features. First, it has four large bronze buffalo sculptures at each corner. And, as you can see above the bridge arches, there are decorative sculptures of faces at regular intervals. One of the faces is that of Kicking Bear, a famous Lakota Sioux chief. He traveled to Washington DC in 1896 to advocate for increased rights of Native Americans. He agreed to have a life mask taken during that trip. Years later, the sculptor Alexander Phimister Proctor used it as the basis of one of the Dumbarton Bridge sculptures. The entire bridge cost about $275,000!

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