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Last week’s Photo Challenge answer is: London! (Refer to photo on the right.)
These are our results:
London…… 19
Paris………. 11
Prague……. 1
Geneva…… 1

And our winner – with name drawn from a basket – is: Dr. Peirce Johnston. Congratulations Peirce! Your coffee shop gift card is on its way.

One respondent, Dr. Catania, replied with the exact location: “112 Mount Street, London, England.” Yes, indeed. The big tip, of course, was the Moynat store sign visible on the left side of the photo. In London this store is indeed on Mount St. in the neighborhood of Mayfair, borough of Westminster.

One colleague wrote, “Paris – it says so on the sign.” It goes to show you, be careful of photos bearing gifts. It may be a trick. All the Moynat stores across the world – not that I’ve ever shopped there, heaven forbid – say “Paris” underneath the company name, including the store in Paris. (I checked on Google street view.)

Thanks for all your responses and the stories you wrote in with.

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